10 secrets of space organisation

Keeping things spotless can be a challenge – especially when you don’t know the tricks that make cleaning so much easier! Today, we present 10 secrets to help you maintain a neat harmony in your home.

Less means more

There are often many items hidden away in our homes which, for various reasons, we have not used for a long time. Old children’s clothes, a TV that hasn’t been used for years or even old-fashioned curtains will certainly be useful to someone else and thus gain a second life! To make the process of getting rid of unnecessary things easier, set a day a week when you choose one item you don’t need. You can give it to friends, donate it to a foundation or even sell it. This will keep your space in order and harmony.

Furniture with storage compartments

If you’re reading this article, you may be planning some minor redecoration. When deciding to replace furniture, make sure that the new furnishings have as much storage as possible. For example, instead of a simple coffee table, choose a model with a small drawer, and when looking for a desk, look for one with a built-in cabinet or pedestal.

Kosze na brudne ubrania

Every one of us has found someone’s dirty T-shirt on the floor at least once. You have to admit, it’s not the best view to start the day ;). So instead of having one bin for dirty clothes that sits next to the washing machine, opt to put several in key areas: it can be a bathroom or a bedroom. This will ensure that yesterday’s underwear is always where it should be.

Underwear compartments

You know that moment in the morning when you’re hurriedly looking for the second half of a pair of socks? Apart from the fact that underwear jumbled up in a drawer does not look pretty, such creative chaos is also not functional. To remedy this, stock up on special underwear compartments. You’ll never be late for a morning meeting again!

Bed linen containers

Tightly closed containers not only make storing bed linen easier but also keep it fresher for longer. It’s also a good idea to put a small bar of soap inside when folding the fabric into the containers – that way the bedding will smell lovely when you open it, and you’ll fall asleep feeling good.

Seasonal wardrobe overhaul

The clothes in our wardrobes often change their position depending on the season. Such rotations can be quite a challenge: summer t-shirts pulled from a pile of winter jumpers, often spoiling conscientiously stacked wardrobe pieces. So, it’s worth dividing your wardrobe into sections or storing unused clothes in containers and placing them at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Organising office supplies

Pens, pencils, rulers and sticky notes also need their place. Here the best solution is to invest in special drawer dividers or a portable organiser. This makes even the smallest items easy to find.

Make the most of the space on your wardrobe

There is always room on the wardrobe for larger boxes or baskets in which to bury less frequently used items. Who wouldn’t use a hideaway with such potential? 😉 Invest in containers made of good, durable plastic that will last for years and gain valuable extra space!

Reusable containers instead of retail packaging

Spilled salt, flour, or misplaced oatmeal is a reality for many cooking fans. To save yourself from cleaning up, while also introducing an aesthetic element to your shelves, you can swap your shop packaging for small, transparent containers so you know how much product you have left. Now all you have to do is sign nicely and voilà – your kitchen shines by example!

Keeping things tidy every day

When you leave tidying up a lot of little things for later, these build up and create disorder. That’s why it’s so important to clean a house once a day! Put things back where they belong straight away, wash dishes on a regular basis and don’t neglect your other habits.

A good plan and routine help you stay organised on a daily basis, naturally and without getting tired. Remember that by taking small steps you will achieve the most!

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