How do you arrange a small home office?

Recently, remote work has become extremely popular, and some people still work in a hybrid system – from home and from the office.
For some, however, working from their own home can be quite a challenge.
After all, the sofa is just begging for you to take a break and there are so many interesting distractions around! We know the way to do it: a home office, even a small one, can help you focus and organise your time. So, how do you go about arranging it?

First of all: carve out your own bit of space

When you feel like you’re in your home – a space to relax – it’s hard to focus your attention on business matters. That’s why it’s a good idea to set aside a separate space where you switch to work mode. Ideally, this should be a separate room, although a separate part of a multi-purpose room will also do the job. Here, we give you some ideas for separating parts of your interior:

  • Choose a corner or a recess – in the corner of the room it is easier to arrange your workspace,
  • Get a small rug – it visually separates your work area from the rest of the room. You can opt for beige fabric or go wild with contrasts,
  • Invest in a folding screen – if there are many tempting things in the room where you intend to place your desk (like the previously mentioned sofa), it will be best to separate yourself from them with an aesthetic folding screen. And that’s it!

Breathe life into your home office

Wiadomo, że wystrój wnętrza ma wpływ na to, jak się czujemy. Odpowiednia aranżacja może również pomagać It is well known that interior design has an impact on how we feel. The right arrangement can also help you focus on your business tasks! So, to start with, decide what colour your working space will be: ideally, 70% of the home office should be soft shades of beige, grey or muted green. You can use the remaining 30% for a bit of madness – perhaps bright accents of yellow to spark your imagination?

Take care of the extras in the next step. A desk lamp to illuminate the keyboard and documents is an essential piece of equipment. You can hang a whiteboard on the wall where you write down the most important information and tasks.

A nice and relaxing touch will be adding some plants to your arrangement: not only will they purify the air, but they will also put you in a good mood and give life to the whole interior design.

How can you conceal small items?

Creative chaos on the desk and an overabundance of trinkets on the shelves are the greatest enemy of effective work (although some people are more comfortable with chaos). Even loosely scattered documents can be organised! Just follow a few tips below and your space will become clearer and more conducive to concentration.

Install some shelves

Shelves are an effective way to organise all the things that used to be on your desk: especially if your workspace is located in the corner of a room or in a recess. It’s also a good opportunity to set up your own private library, keeping your books (both business and personal ones) in one designated place.

Take care of small items

It is these smallest items that often clutter up the workspace the most. There is a way out! Get a special organiser or a container with compartments. This way, all the small things will be clearly arranged and will not take your precious attention 🙂

How about a practical bookcase?

A tiny bookcase is great for the larger items you use at work. It is also ideal for storing folders with documents – you can sort them chronologically or by topic.

Home offices can be great!

It only takes a few inexpensive solutions to make working from home as enjoyable and effective as working from the office. So, when are you going to set up your home office?

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