Everything in its place – spring cleaning

Every year, spring brings fresh energy and a desire for action, which often translates into spring cleaning around the house and garage. On this occasion, we have put together a handful of essential information for you, with which you can bring new order and harmony into your home.

Do you need to prepare for cleaning?

Despite appearances, a good plan and schedule for cleaning your home will help you stay motivated and not miss even the smallest shelf. However, many of us have found that thoroughly tidying up an entire house or flat in one day borders on the miraculous. So, take a peek at your calendar and schedule the cleaning of specific rooms (or segments) for selected days. Once you’ve started your plan, it’s a good idea to prepare 3 containers for your belongings:

  • to keep – this is where you put all the little things you use and need,
  • to throw away – this is where the things come in that you only remember about when you wipe off a thick layer of dust,
  • to give away – you may have items in your home that you don’t use but that someone else could use, such as your mother or a friend. Things like that will go into this container.

When going through your belongings, always have questions in the back of your mind: when did you last need them? Has this item been useful to you in recent years? If not, have no qualms about putting it in the right bin. The fewer trinkets, the more tidiness!

Cleaning bedrooms and dressing rooms

We all have a room in our house where we put away the most trinkets. Most often it is the bedroom and dressing room. After all, these are rooms that are usually off-limits to guests, and an innocent sock lying around or a chair that has strangely become a coat rack go unnoticed for days. How can this be remedied?


We suggest boxes; the best friend of a tidy space. For example, winter clothes and bedding can be stored in flat, transparent containers and hidden under the bed. It’s an easily accessible, yet often forgotten, place where you can store a lot of items while keeping things in perfect order. It’s also a good idea to put a special laundry basket in the bedroom to make room for scattered socks. If you complain about a lack of space, discover the potential of unused vertical spaces. An aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted hanger will solve the problem of migrating dressing gowns and bags thrown into the corner.

Dressing room

When you’re doing a thorough clean-up, it’s time for the dressing room – the terror of all household members. There are several ways to tidy up this space and keep things nice and tidy for longer. For a good start, put the clothes you don’t use at a particular time of year into containers, which will immediately make your wardrobe more manageable. Then set aside one special shelf for chair-hanging clothes – those that are too dirty to keep with other clothes, or too clean to put in the laundry. Also group your clothes – put dresses and coats on one side of your wardrobe and leave blouses on the other. This will give you extra space at the bottom where you can put containers of shoes or bedding.

Reorganise the products in your kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, which makes it all the more important to keep it perfectly tidy. To plan your shopping even better, seal dry goods such as pasta, rice or beans in transparent containers to keep track of the quantities. For fresh produce such as fruit, yoghurt and ready-made meals, the containers from the antibacterial collection are ideal. They are made from a material enriched with microsilver, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

To keep your fridge, one of the most essential parts of your kitchen, tidy and clean, it’s worth introducing a few tricks into your life:

  • Keep fresh produce away from the door – the most stable and cool temperature is found in the depths of the fridge. To keep products such as milk or yoghurt fresh, store them at the very end of the shelf.
  • Older products at the front – so you never have to miss out on cheese that has been forgotten and is past its expiry date. You will use up the products you have in sight faster.
  • Record the opening date – how many times have you forgotten when you opened a product? Always keep a marker near the fridge: this way you can see if things are still fit to eat.

No more garage mishmash

The garage and basement most often serve as storage rooms for equipment or tools. Here, you don’t need any beautiful furniture – a simple folding garden or utility rack is all you need to store and sort even more things. To further utilise the space between the shelves, you can use containers with lids to stack them conveniently. We also recommend putting labels on each container so that you can quickly find the item you are looking for when you need it. Remember to always keep your most used items on top.

Phew, at last!

Spring cleaning is quite a challenge, but the satisfaction of completing the task is even greater. With a little perseverance and a few containers, you can radically transform your interior and make it much clearer: the secret lies in good organisation. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all those who have decided not to miss even the smallest shelf this year!

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